Hurricane Irma cancels cruises, ships return early to Port Canaveral

"Of course we're disappointed, but we're really thankful," woman tells News 6


PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. – Vacations were cut short for thousands of passengers Thursday as cruise ships returned to Port Canaveral early because of Hurricane Irma.

The Sept. 4 cruise of the Disney Dream sailed a modified Bahamian cruise itinerary and returned to port one day earlier than planned.

Some passengers said there were some chaotic moments on board after the announcement was made.
"We were in our room when, all of a sudden, the captain comes on and announced it, and everyone just lost their minds," Bruce Edwards said.

The Disney Dream was one of three ships returning because of dangerous conditions in the Caribbean due to Hurricane Irma.

Many passengers leaving the ship said they understood the decision.

"Of course, we're disappointed, but we're really thankful," Susie Ossi said.

"We're really glad to get out of there and that way everybody's safe (and) everybody can get going."

According to a Disney spokesperson, guests on the cruise will be refunded one night of their voyage fare and provided a 25 percent discount on a future cruise.

At least five cruises out of Port Canaveral have been canceled because of Hurricane Irma.

Port Canaveral is expected to close on Saturday in anticipation of the storm.

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