Osceola County activates curfew ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Worst of the storm arrives Tuesday, Wednesday


OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – Officials in Osceola County provided an update on Hurricane Dorian Monday morning, notifying of a county wide curfew.

County officials asked residents to make final preparations in the wake of the Category 5 hurricane.

They have decided to activate a curfew Tuesday at 11 p.m. This curfew will last until 6 a.m. and will be activated each night until further notice.

"That means you are required to stay inside your home unless you're one of the accepted folks that can be traveling. It is a second-degree misdemeanor to violate curfew. You can be arrested," Oscoela County Sheriff Russ Gibson said.

The county has also chosen to implement a fine for those who violate the curfew.

Only media and medical personnel are excused from complying with the curfew hours, but they must present credentials to law enforcement if stopped.

County officials also emphasized the voluntary evacuation order. Emergency officials are asking for everyone who lives in low-lying flood-prone areas and mobile homes to secure their properties and evacuate.

"This is a serious storm with wind force up to 165 mph and gusts up to 200 mph. Osceola is in tropical storm warning and it will probably stay in place throughout the storm," an EOC official said Monday.

The Category 5 storm continues to move west across the Atlantic at 1 mph.

According to Dorian's current track, conditions are expected to deteriorate late Monday with the worst of the weather from the storm arriving through the day Tuesday and Wednesday.