Two disabled huskies are forecasting the dog days of Dorian

Two huskies create a weather forecast ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Sanford, Fla. – As Hurricane Dorian moves closer to Central Florida, many could use a little comfort and a smile. Two dogs from Sanford are looking to lighten the mood and make people laugh, all while advocating for a good cause.

Two huskies, named Maple and Dallas, created their own hurricane forecast, showing Hurricane Dorian moving toward Florida’s east coast.

Maple and Dallas share some hurricane preparedness tips and remind their viewers to stock up on food and water, carry proper identification and remain calm during the storm. 

Their owner, Ayla Manzer, says that both Maple and Dallas have disabilities, which makes safety and storm preparedness a top priority. 

“Since Dallas is paralyzed, we made sure we had plenty of his medicine, supplies and diapers; he is incontinent,” Manzer says. “They are all microchipped and tagged as well. They even wear whistle GPS trackers on their collars.”
Manzer says she takes the incoming hurricane and warnings from emergency officials very seriously.

“We’ve done everything recommended and more,” Manzer says. “Our dogs and fosters are our top priority!”

Both dogs are members of Husky Haven of Florida Handicapables, and they regularly make funny videos with their owner to raise awareness and funds for other disabled pets in need.

For more videos by Maple and Dallas, you can head to their YouTube page

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