Storm's Coming: Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning

Truth to the age-old saying

Fridays sunrise. Photo: Tre Dahm.
Fridays sunrise. Photo: Tre Dahm.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Friday morning started off with a vibrant red sunrise as the sun's rays interacted with the mid to high level clouds.

Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. There is truth to the age-old weather folklore.

Those morning clouds are associated with the disturbance in the Gulf to our west. Inclement weather is in the forecast for Friday night and Saturday, verifying the saying.

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The sun rising in the east illuminated the clouds from the approaching storm to the west. Weather systems tend to move west to east in this part of the world.

It works the opposite at night if there is a red sky. As the sun sets in the west, it illuminates the clouds associated with storm departing east.

Red sky at night, sailors delight.

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