Enjoy Friday, rain will return for the weekend

Tropical depression 25 forms, will bring rain to Central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. – Grab a light jacket for the kiddos Friday morning, they won’t need it for much longer.

After starting off in the 50s 60s and 70s, we will rebound into the mid 80s again Friday with a mix of clouds and sun.

Tropical moisture moves back in especially for Sunday, increasing rain chances.

The National Hurricane Center began issuing updates for Tropical Depression 25 on Friday. The storm is the Western Caribbean near the Yucatán and not headed for Florida but will bring more rain to Central Florida.

Even on Saturday afternoon, rain chances will be a concern for outdoor plans.

Get things done Friday because the weekend will be much wetter. Rain chances will be nonexistent on Friday with a high of 84 degrees.

Expect rain chances to go up to 50% Saturday and 70% on Sunday. Rain chance to stay between 50 and 60% most of next week with high temperatures this weekend near 80 and the upper 80s next week.

On Thursday in Orlando we had a high temperature of 83. The record high temperature for Oct. 1 was 98 set in 1904.

There was no rain Oct. 1 putting our surplus at 1.51 inches since Jan. 1 and 4.5 to inches since Sept. 1.

The normal high for today is 87 and the record high is 96 set in 1904.

Pinpointing the tropics

Satellite imagery indicates that shower activity associated with the broad low pressure area over the northwestern Caribbean Sea is becoming better organized.

A system organized enough to become Tropical Depression 25 on Friday in the Western Caribbean near the Yucatán, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Interests in the Yucatan Peninsula and northern Central America should monitor the progress of this system as it moves generally northwestward, as tropical storm watches or warning may be required for portions of these areas later Friday. Regardless of development, this system is expected to produce heavy rains, with possible flash flooding, over portions of southeastern Mexico, Central America, and western Cuba during the next several days.

A U.S. Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to investigate the system this afternoon, if necessary.

Formation chance through 48 hours is high at 80%. Formation chance through 5 days is also high at 80%.

Another tropical wave moving across the eastern Caribbean Sea is producing a large area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms, accompanied by local rainfall and gusty winds.

This wave is forecast to move westward at 15 to 20 mph during the next several days, and environmental conditions could become a little more conducive for development when the system is over the central or western Caribbean Sea early next week.

Formation chances through 48 hours are near 0%. Formation chances through 5 days are also low at 30%.

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