Hurricanes Laura, Delta reminding Floridians of Frances, Jeanne from 2004

Delta to make landfall Friday in same area Laura did in late August

Frances and Jeanne made landfall in almost the exact area in 2004

ORLANDO, Fla. – Lightning can strike the same place twice and it appears so can hurricanes -- in the same season, just weeks apart.

It’s difficult for that to happen in the same decade, let alone the same season, but here we are.

Delta is expected to make landfall in Western Louisiana Friday as a Category 2 hurricane just six weeks after Category 4 Laura devastated those same areas.

Delta will make landfall in the same area as Laura did six weeks prior

While this scenario is extremely rare, Floridians know all to well that it has happened before. Delta will be the fourth named storm -- following Cristobal, Marco and Laura -- to make landfall in Louisiana in what has been an extremely busy hurricane season for the Gulf Coast. Delta will be the seventh storm to make landfall along the Gulf Coast out of the now-record 10 named storms to make landfall in the U.S.

Nine named storms have made landfall in the U.S. in 2020.

2004 was a rough hurricane season for the Sunshine State to say the least. Florida was impacted by four hurricanes, three of which made landfall in the state. Charley got things started in the middle of August, coming ashore near Cayo Costa on the west coast of Florida on Aug. 12. Charley caused significant damage through Central Florida.

Five named storms impacted Florida in 2004

Frances and Jeanne took the 2004 hurricane season to another level by making landfall just a few miles apart within three weeks of each other.

Frances came ashore as a Category 2 storm near Sewall’s Point. Jeanne made landfall Sept. 25 as a Category 3 hurricane near Stuart. Both storms brought significant impacts to Central Florida.

Frances and Jeanne tracks from 2004

Hurricane Ivan officially made landfall in Alabama but devastating impacts were felt in the Florida Panhandle as it came ashore Sept. 16. In total, three of the four hurricanes that impacted Florida in the 2004 season occurred in a three-week period in September.

A fifth named storm, Tropical Storm Bonnie, also impacted Florida by making landfall in the Big Bend area just hours before Charley made landfall in the middle of August.

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