Earth experiencing another record-breaking month in 2021

June marks 438th consecutive month with above-normal temperatures

Heat related skin problems

ORLANDO, Fla. – The hot trend across the globe continues into another month, with last month coming in as the fifth warmest June on record.

Not only has it been a trend during the past few months, but with June now in the books, we have officially seen above-average warmth for the 438th consecutive month.

June 2021

This past June, the average global surface temperature rose to 1.58 degrees above the average of 59.9 degrees. One crucial factor with this warmth was the abnormally hot weather across the Northern Hemisphere, which saw its hottest June land temperature on record.

When it comes to Central Florida in June, although it was warmer than normal temperatures, it was nowhere near record territory.


Year-to-date (January - June)

The first half of 2021 ranked eighth warmest on record, with the temperature over land and sea reaching 1.42 degrees above the average of 56.3 degrees.

June 2021 weather events:

With this widespread heat, some events during June do not come as a major surprise.

  • Less sea ice: Sea ice coverage over the Arctic Ocean currently sits 405,000 square miles (about the size of Egypt) below the average. This places it as the sixth smallest June ice extent, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center.
  • More tropical activity: Across the Earth, we saw nine tropical cyclones, which is one storm short of tying the 2018 record.

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