Forecasting Change: More Americans than ever believe in climate change

Study shows more than 75% of Americans think global warming is happening

More frequent disasters

ORLANDO, Fla. – This week on Forecasting Change, we want to discuss where we are as a nation. I do not mean how hot we are, how cold, where the rain is falling or anything like that. What I mean is where are we as a collective on climate change? The answer may, or may not, surprise you.

According to a new study from Yale University and George Mason University, more Americans than ever think global warming is happening. The jump in the six months between March and September of this year is 6%. That increase puts the U.S. at an all-time high of 76%.

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The jump in concern over climate change overlaps with an increase in significant extreme weather events like more billion-dollar disasters.

The increase to 7 out of 10 being at least “somewhat worried” is accompanied by 55% of Americans thinking that global warming is currently harming people in the U.S.

The increase in records for heat backs up that thinking.

2021 records so far

And higher tides from a rising sea level are leading to more flooding events along our coasts.

Higher tides and more flooding

In coming editions of Forecasting Change, we will continue to address the changes in our climate, both globally and locally.

And we will address what is being done to mitigate the situation and how you can make a difference.

About the Author:

Tom Sorrells is News 6's Emmy award winning chief meteorologist. He pinpoints storms across Central Florida to keep residents safe from dangerous weather conditions.