June 2022 joining the record books with above-average temps

5th consecutive month with above-average temperatures

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Orlando, FLA. – With several record-breaking afternoons and the majority of the month running above average, it does not come as a surprise that June ended warmer than the average June.

Temperature recap:

The most noteworthy day of the month was June 23. Daytona Beach reached 101 degrees, which was not only set a new record high for the date but was also the first time that this reporting site had a temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in 24 years (June 16, 1998).

In Orlando, daytime highs reached 99 degrees twice with Daytona Beach smashing a record with a high of 100 degrees in late June. Along with Daytona Beach, Orlando (99 degrees) and Melbourne (96 degrees) also hit a new record.

June Temp Recap 2022
  • Daytona Beach: 82.1 degrees (+1.9 degrees above average) 4th warmest
  • Leesburg: 82.8 degrees (+0.9 degrees above average) 8th warmest
  • Sanford: 82.6 degrees (+0.7 degrees above average)
  • Orlando: 83.5 degrees (+2.3 degrees above average) 4th warmest
  • Melbourne: 81.3 degrees (-0.6 degrees below average) 9th warmest

Rainfall recap:

Rainfall from Potential Tropical Cyclone One and the higher coverage of showers and storms during the several days that followed the system helped our rainfall totals for the month.

Rainfall Recap 2022

Daytona Beach: 2.14 inches (-4.80 inches below average) 9th driest

Leesburg: 3.22 inches (-3.76 inches below average) 9th driest

Sanford: 4.20 inches (-3.99 inches below average)

Orlando: 4.61 inches (-3.44 inches below average)

Melbourne: 5.66″ (-1.44″ below average)

About the Author:

Candace Campos joined the News 6 weather team in 2015.