Hurricane survivors may be missing out on FEMA benefits

50% who qualify for hotels are not using

Kim Fuller with FEMA says only about 50% of the people who qualify for hotel benefits are using them.

Fuller joined News 6 Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells on Talk To Tom to talk more about the aid that is available.

“(Survivors who qualify) can pick from over 200 hotels on our FEMA locator list. And they can see if there’s a place that’s close to their home,” Fuller said. “(Right now,) some people are staying in their cars, some people are staying in tents. Some are staying in the house.”

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And, doing so can be dangerous especially if the home suffered water damage and now has mold.

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Meanwhile, Fuller said others are missing out on aid because FEMA cannot reach them because they have either moved or changed their phone number. She is urging people to give FEMA a call if they need aid or have applied and not heard back.

Fuller said one woman in Osceola County was recently awarded $45,000 in aid.

If you or someone you know needs help getting aid Fuller recommends going to the FEMA app or the disaster assistance website, “or they can even go in person and see a smiling face at one of our Disaster Assistance Centers.”

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