That’s so hot: 2023 seeing hottest start ever on record

Orlando has seen eight days with temps 90+

Summer sun (Pixabay)

ORLANDO, Fla.Q: Is it just me, or has it been a hot start to the year?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it supposed to be this hot this early in the year?

A: No

The first three months of the year is usually the time we see the coolest weather over the 12 months. And although it isn’t feeling like summer yet exactly, our “cool” season hasn’t been so cool. Our average temperatures should range between 72 to 81 for highs, and 50 to 58 for lows from January through March. And as you can imagine, besides the handful of short-lived cold blasts, temperatures have sat well above average for most of the first quarter.

According to climate data, the average first day with 90 degrees usually arrives by April 9. But in 2023, the first 90-degree day popped up a month earlier on March 3. Since then, most of the reporting stations have experienced 90+ days several times by the end of March.

Number of days at 90 and above between Jan-March 2023

Number of 90+ degree days:

  • Orlando: 8 times (3rd highest)
  • Daytona Beach: 4 times (highest)
  • Melbourne: 5 times (2nd highest)
  • Sanford: 4 times (2nd highest)
  • Leesburg: 6 times (highest)

The warmer-than-average temperatures aren’t only in the afternoon but also overnight. The combination is seen with the average temperatures over the month. When factoring highs and lows, Melbourne, Sanford and Leesburg have all seen their hottest first three months on record, with Orlando and Daytona Beach both experiencing their second hottest start.

Average temperatures vs ranking for the first quarter of 2023

Average temperatures and rankings:

  • Orlando: 68.6° (2nd hottest)
  • Melbourne: 68.9° (hottest)
  • Sanford: 67.9° (hottest)
  • Daytona Beach: 66.4° (2nd hottest)
  • Leesburg: 68.0° (hottest)

According to the Climate Prediction Center, the warmer-than-usual weather is expected to continue for the next three months. With a high 50-60% chance of an above-average stretch between April and June.

Credit: Climate Prediction Center

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