Hound Around Town program gives dogs time to mingle outside shelter

Volunteers can pick up adoptable dogs from Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. – September marks Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando's 83rd year of helping furry friends in need of a forever home.

The nonprofit shelter recently launched a new program that not only showcases dogs up for adoption but gets them moving, enriching their lives with some exercise. It's called Hound Around Town, a program designed to bring shelter dogs outside for exercise and a breath of fresh air.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando' executive director Steve Bardy, said the opportunity allows the dogs to feel a sense of freedom.

"The primary focus is about enrichment. It's really about getting the dog out of the shelter," Bardy said. "It also benefits people that may not be able to have a dog full time, live in an apartment, can't have a dog; they work long hours but they really love dogs."

Bardy said it's a good option for dog lovers to relieve stress after a long day at work. Each dog comes with a backpack for its outing that includes water, leash, a bandanna and a wearable vest that lets people know the pup is looking for a home.

"We select the dog. You don't get to pick the dog; we pick the dog for you based on the activity level that you're going to do," Bardy said. "Most of the dogs that go out are probably 30-to 50-pound dogs that need a little bit of exercise."

There are rules for each Hound Around Town outing, including that dogs cannot be taken to a dog park, and they have to be kept on a leash at all times.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando offers the program seven days a week. The shelter encourages those interested to sign up online. Click here for more information.

Dogs can be picked up between noon and 3 p.m. and they must be returned by 5 pm. daily.

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