7 ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month you haven't considered

Host a potluck, put up an exhibition

A group of girls takes photographs in front of street art showing artist Frida Kahlo (Chris McGrath/Getty Images).

Each year, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from Sept. 15  to Oct. 15, so if you’re not marking the occasion already, maybe it’s time to start.

Are people in your office celebrating? Or what about those of you who live on college campuses, or who work as teachers? Take the reins -- it’s time for you to throw some fun ideas on the table.

The website findspark.com offered plenty of suggestions, so we thought we’d provide some of those to help get your wheels spinning.

Host a potluck.

Who doesn’t love a potluck? Everyone could bring a Latin dish and maybe provide some background on its history.

Put together a working lunch-type event.

Perhaps there are people at your office who could speak about their experiences, family history, or your team could take a relevant field trip.

Invite a speaker.

Maybe you have someone in mind or maybe you have no idea where to start. Check out this great list put together by Find Spark. If none of those people are in your area, at least you have some ideas on where you could turn.

Consider hosting or putting up an exhibit.

Find Spark recommends showcasing famous paintings or photography by Hispanic artists or about Latin America. This doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking -- you could check out your local options; maybe a nearby university or library could help you get some inspiration.

Rally the troops for a good cause.

If you got involved with a cause that benefited a charity, for example, with your school or office, it would feel awesome to make a donation at the end of the month to that group or organization. You could do a raffle, something sporty like a 5K, a clothing drive -- the sky is the limit, really.

Anyone up for a field trip?

Go support a nearby Hispanic establishment, restaurant, museum or venue. Then take it a step further and figure out if you can make it a regular thing, or how else you can keep up with it.

Learn some Spanish.

You could learn it all at once, or just a word or phrase a day. The options are endless with this one, as well.

Bonus item: Check out some offerings on Netflix!