MiraDry: The permanent cure for reducing underarm sweat, Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis laser treatment


Clinical strength deodorants didn't cut it, BOTOX injections didn't last and you have run out of options for your excessive underarm sweating.

The days of feeling uncomfortable because of heavy underarm perspiration are coming to a close. A new FDA-cleared, clinically proven solution for reducing underarm sweat is MiraDry delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area without creating any surgical incisions or cuts, according to the miraDry website.

It is an outpatient procedure that eliminates the underarm sweat glands and since sweat glands cannot regenerate, the procedure is permanent.

In a clinical study, patients experienced an average of 82 percent reduction in underarm sweat.

The procedure doesn't come cheap, at more than $1,000 a pop; however, when you consider that it is a permanent treatment and other procedures can run you near as much, but are just temporary solutions.