Become a super-learner and speed-reader with these $30 courses

Learn efficient studying and speed-reading techniques
Learn efficient studying and speed-reading techniques (StackCommerce)

Some people love studying and others hate it. Whichever type you are, studying more efficiently will help you enjoy the process and get more out of your time spent.

There are millions of books in the world and arguably infinite things to learn. While it’s not possible to read and learn everything, many people wish they had more time to pursue information and knowledge. Make the most of the time you have with efficient studying and speed-reading techniques in the Become a Super-Learner & Speed Reading Bundle.

Whether you’re a student, working professional or just want enrichment from reading and studying, this bundle will help you absorb information faster and for longer. With seven courses, 225 lessons and 15 hours of content, this bundle gives you practical tools to apply in any context.

The key to retaining facts and ideas is memorization. While memorization might seem to come naturally to some people, anyone can use strategies to create a strong mental record of information in a variety of subjects. All the courses in this bundle have a memorization component, showing you tried and true ways to ace tests, understand the world better and have hard data to back your arguments.

The instructors for these courses consider psychology and cognitive function in their approaches, showing you how to optimize your study time and hack your brain to reach your maximum potential.

Learn mathematical formulas, new languages, geography, vocabulary, history, fun facts and science quicker and without headaches. Customize your study routines based on the methods in this bundle to perform better in school, work and everywhere else.

On sale for $29.99, you get each course in this bundle for under $5. Start the Become a Super-Learner & Speed Reading Bundle today to read and learn in more effective, enjoyable and enriching ways.

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