Newly sworn in UCF police chief focusing on campus security upgrades

Carl Metzger replaces Richard Beary as UCF top cop

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – The new police chief for the University of Central Florida spoke about campus safety Thursday as he was officially sworn in to office.

Carl Metzger is taking over the position after former Police Chief Richard Beary retired in June.

Metzger spent 25 years with the Orlando Police Department before taking on the role of UCF's deputy chief in 2014.

"I'm truly proud and honored to be UCF's chief of police, and you can count on me to work tirelessly to keep this campus safe," Metzger said during Thursday's ceremony.

Metzger begins his tenure as UCF is also investing in safety technology: $2 million has been allocated for new doors that would allow faculty to barricade themselves inside a classroom during an active shooter situation.

"We will be upgrading all of the critical buildings, the classroom buildings on campus," Metzger said.  "I think there are 31 buildings we're targeting."

Officers also recently received new body cameras that automatically activate when an officer turns on patrol car lights, pulls a Taser or a side arm.

"I don't want my officers thinking about turning on a camera if their lives are in danger or if they have to save someone else," Metzger said.

Over the summer, there were three separate incidents involving an inappropriate sexual encounter on campus.  The new chief said patrols have been increased in certain areas, but he also encouraged everyone on campus to work together.

"It's everyone's responsibility. We can't do it alone," Metzger said.  "We rely on our campus community to be our eyes and ears."  

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