A-B-S-E-N-T? These Florida students have never missed a day of school

4 teens honored by Marion County Public Schools

Hannah Farrow, Amber Hanegan, Wasanti Sharma and Jaylin Tomlin.
Hannah Farrow, Amber Hanegan, Wasanti Sharma and Jaylin Tomlin.

OCALA, Fla. – Marion County is honoring four students who haven't been absent from school -- ever.

Hannah Farrow, Wasanti Sharma and Jaylin Tomlin, all seniors at Forest High School in Ocala, along with Amber Hanegan, of North Marion High School, in Citra, have never missed a day of school, from kindergarten through their senior year.

"When it comes to being absent, four Marion County students don’t know what that word means," Marion County Public Schools said in a news release. "That’s because over the last 13 years, they’ve never missed a day of school."

If you do the math, the students were present 2,340 days, minus a few hurricane days.

All four 18-year-olds will gradate May 18 with the highest attendance rate in the district.

"MCPS recognizes these students for their dedicated and consistent efforts to always attend school and their outstanding emphasis on a complete education," officials said.

Last year, one student in Marion County Public Schools reached the perfect attendance milestone.

Hannah plans to continue her education by earning an associate degree at the College of Central Florida.

Amber is considering studying business administration at Sante Fe College.

Wasanti plans to attend the University of Florida with an undeclared major.

Jaylin may study agriculture while attending the University of Florida after graduation.


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