Hundreds show up for The Amazing Race auditions

Teams waited in long lines at Fun Spot Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. – Hundreds of people showed up to Fun Spot Orlando Sunday to audition for The Amazing Race.

The large crowd says if they can take on Central Florida's heat and humidity, then they have what it takes to win the show.

"Just trying to stay cool. We're just ready to go race. We're ready!" one race-hopeful said.

Hundreds of teams waited in long lines, many wearing matching outfits and carrying props. Everyone is hoping to catch the eyes of the reality show producers, but they only have one minute to tell them why they should be on the show.

Many of the hopefuls came from near and far to prove they have the mental and physical skills needed to compete on this intense reality show.

"It's about strategy and being smart enough to know where you're strong and where you're weak," Berry said. 'And I know she's stronger and I got this."

The teams of two are made up of friends, family, and siblings. Some of them are big fans while others are not quite sure what they're getting themselves into.

"She's seen just about every one, and probably two weeks ago I just learned what a u-turn was," Nikole Gregory said.

Others like Jessica Jakubisin and her father, who are living out their dreams, are playing for personal reasons One of Jakubisin's high school classmates was killed in the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

"Haven't seen him in a long time, but my dad promised me when I was little we would go on The Amazing Race, and when that happened we realized we need to fulfill our promises and live life to the fullest," Jakubisin said.

These hopefuls taking their first steps on what could a long and amazing race.


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