You can now meet a naked, glitter-farting troll at Universal Orlando

Character Guy Diamond makes debut at theme park


ORLANDO, Fla. – Yes, it's true, a naked troll that farts glitter is now on display at Universal Orlando.

Welcome to Florida.

Universal recently debuted the new character based off the 2016 animated movie "Trolls." The character is named Guy Diamond.

According to Attractions Magazine, Guy Diamond greets guests, dances with fellow "Trolls" characters Branch and Poppy and bends over, with glitter filling the air.

"Yes, he actually farts glitter!" Attractions Magazine said in a tweet that included video of Guy Diamond.

Someone in the background is heard yelling, "Beautiful. My life is complete."

A Twitter user replied, saying, "This must be the worst job at Universal" to which Universal Orlando Resort replied: "I would find it quite ... liberating, actually."

Attractions Magazine said Guy Diamond is only appearing on weekends, at least for now.