2 new record-breaking attractions coming to Orlando

ICON Park says rides will open in 2020


ORLANDO, Fla. – Two new record-breaking attractions are coming to Orlando.

ICON Park on International Drive announced Thursday that the Orlando Slingshot and the Orlando Gyro Drop Tower will open in 2020.

According to ICON Park, the Orlando Slingshot will be the world's tallest slingshot at 300 feet in height. 

"Riders will experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime as they are catapulted 450 feet into the air -- nearly 50 stories high," ICON said in a news release.

The Orlando Slingshot will feature innovative dual loading, allowing guests to get on the ride while another is experiencing the attraction.

Meanwhile, the Orlando Gyro Drop Tower will raise riders' 400 feet into the air, making it the world's tallest free-standing drop tower.

"The attraction begins with an intense climb as the ride gyrates around the tower until it reaches the top," ICON said. "After an unexpected twist, riders hearts will be racing as they free fall 350 feet back to Earth, traveling up to 75 mph."

The attractions are owned by Slingshot Group of Cos, which brought the park's most recent attraction, the StarFlyer, to Orlando.

"We've had such great success with StarFlyer, we can't wait to bring the Orlando Slingshot and Orlando Gyro Drop Tower to the world-class destination of ICON Park," said Ritchie Armstrong, partner of Slingshot Group of Companies. "We love ICON Park and hope to continue working together to bring exciting attractions to Orlando."

ICON Park also features the tallest observation wheel on the East Coast.

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