Local girl creates step-by-step zip tie video, garners millions of views

Video has gained over 60 million views

 A father’s lesson in a self-defense training scenario to his daughter has reached millions of people.

The Facebook video shows 11-year-old Taylor from Central Florida breaking herself out of zip ties with her shoelaces.

“We mostly wanted to make it because, if someone is ever in this situation, we can help them get out so that they will be safe if this ever happens,” Taylor told News 6.

Taylor has practiced martial arts and self-defense techniques with her father Steve.

Steve told News 6 this idea of teaching his children to break out of zip ties was for a parent to protect his children, Steve told News 6.

“I wanted my children to see if a situation like this came up how to get out of it,” Steve said.

The pair did a demonstration for Taylor’s mom, who  decided to film the video to share with family and friends on Facebook.

The response to the video was unlike anything they could have imagined.

“Never in a million years would I have thought it would have gone the way it has went,” Michelle, Taylor’s mom, told News 6 about the response to the video.

The video has been viewed on Facebook over 57 million times.

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The video has not only garnered national attention, but it has also gained attention from international Facebook users.

“We have gotten a lot of shares from Australia,” Taylor said.

When asked about that, Taylor said she thinks it is really cool that people that far away can see the video.
A reaction her mom Michelle echoed.

“To see how quickly it was spreading from people all around the world. It’s been shared in Australia, Ireland, Dubai, South Africa, Taiwan and Singapore,” Michelle said.

But despite the rapid views and shares, Taylor’s main focus was to make a video to help others.

“We never really realized that it would get this many views. We thought just a few people would see it. A lot of people are interested in how to get out of zip ties and security stuff for safety,” said Taylor.

Taylor said she and her twin brother are hoping to do other videos.

“Me and my brother were thinking of doing a video. He is going to be duct taped and I’m going to be zipped tied. We are going to have it (our hands) behind our backs and how to get out of that,” Taylor said.

Taylor demonstrated a step-by-step process for News 6 with her hands being zip tied behind her back.

She explained that the zip ties break because of friction and heat.

Others have been inspired by Taylor’s video, including a local Boy Scout troop leader.

“One of my friends is a local Boy Scout troop leader. He saw the video and he thought it would be a good idea to try it. He had them all try it and he filmed it,” Michelle said.

As many others around the world have been inspired to learn this method of self-defense, both Steve and Michelle told News 6 they hope to teach their kids the life lesson of perseverance.

“What we're hoping is they learn that in any situation, there is a solution. It might not be obvious at first, but they really do have the ability to be calm think about what they are doing and look for solutions and keep trying until something works,” Michelle said.