Car break-ins: Could your car be at risk?

News 6 has tips to keep your car out of harm's way

ORLANDO, Fla. – In the last week around Central Florida, there have been several car break-ins in Baldwin Park, the
Baldwin Harbor Garages, the Florida Hospital parking garages and apartments in Altamonte Springs.

The percentage of motor vehicles reported stolen rose to 3.1 percent in 2015, according to the FBI.

That's an equivalent of an auto theft every 45 seconds in 2015, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

What can you do to prevent a break-in? We have a few tips for you to follow:

Keep everything locked up
The most important thing is to lock your car as soon as you get out of it. It may be simple, but thieves can enter your car in a split second.

Remove the keys from the ignition
Removing your keys will help keep thieves at bay when an issue arises. Also, make sure to make sure that you do not leave your car running.

Close up windows and sunroofs
An open window could be an open invitation to anyone who is looking to break into your car. Also, an open window could affect the way a car alarm operates and disable the alarm.

Check your surroundings
Before you park your car, make sure to check your surroundings. Being vigilant could help you or anyone who is parking next to you. What should you look for? Park in a well-lit area, if you are parking at night. Make sure that you check around your vehicle for anything that looks suspicious.

Stash it before you park
If you are going to hide something under your seat or in the back seat of your car, do so before you park, preventing thieves from observing your hiding spot before you park. Make sure to keep valuables out of sight and take them out of your car before you park.