Woman witnesses car break-in, follows man, records video

Thieves apparently targeted newly purchased Gucci purse

LAKE MARY, Fla. – A Seminole County woman tells News 6 that she witnessed a car break-in Saturday evening. The woman, named Theresa, said that her boyfriend recorded the suspect's vehicle as they followed it down the street.

Theresa said that she was in the drive-thru line at a Lake Mary McDonald's when she saw a car pull up, a man get out, and break the window of the car.

"We see this car abruptly stop behind another car, the van, and this guy jumped out the passenger seat. Went over to the window. We saw his hand go up and then down, and then heard a loud pop," said the witness, Theresa.

Theresa said that she followed just long enough to get the license plate information, and then headed back to the McDonald's to find the owner of the vehicle that got broken into.

"She said it was her birthday and she had stopped at the mall to buy herself a very expensive Gucci purse, and so that is what I guess they sought after and they knew she had it. Knew exactly what window to break," said Theresa.

Theresa said that the victim told her she had just pulled in after a trip to the mall, thinking the suspects must have followed her, knowing the new Gucci purse was in the backseat.

Theresa said that Lake Mary police also thanked her for getting the suspect's vehicle on camera.

"They thanked us for chasing them. Said most people wouldn't have done that," said Theresa.

As for her bravery to follow the suspected thieves, Theresa said that she was acting on adrenaline and would do it all over again.

"We hope more people will jump to action because the only thing is, you can only rely on the other people around you, and so you have to think if your in that situation, do I want someone to help me? And then jump to action," said Theresa.

Since Theresa drove to follow the man before she could pay for her food, she says McDonald's gave her the food for free.

Lake Mary police have not responded to our request for the incident report on the theft.

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