Here’s how you can hear Samuel L. Jackson’s voice on Amazon smart devices

Explicit or family-friendly versions available

Samuel L. Jackson: "I'm Crushed!! UK news reporting Prince Is Dead?! For Real?! Massive Loss for us all! What a Genius! Speechless."

If you use an Amazon smart device, you can now get most of your questions answered in the voice of Samuel L. Jackson.

Starting Dec. 12, for just 99 cents, you can hear the iconic actor’s voice responding to your requests for a weather forecast, music and more. You can even ask Jackson-specific questions to learn more about the actor himself.

The actor doesn’t replace Alexa’s voice, as you must include the phrase “Alexa, ask Samuel L. Jackson” when you present your question.

You can request an explicit or family-friendly version of the responses as well.

The 99-cent price tag is an introductory offer. The regular price will be $4.99.

To get started:

  1. Say “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson.”
  2. Confirm your purchase with Alexa.
  3. Enable or disable explicit content.
  4. Ask Samuel L. Jackson for music, weather and more.