‘The Hunt’ is finally coming to the big screen, despite controversy

Universal Pictures announces March 13 release date

Justin Hartley, Emma Roberts featured in the new satirical theater "The Hunt. (Universal Pictures) (WKMG 2020)

“The Hunt” is back on.

Universal Pictures announced a new release date for its most-talked-about satirical thriller, the film originally sparking controversy over its plot: “elites” hunting “deplorable.”

The film, originally set to premiere Sept. 27, 2019, was pulled before its debut. With little notice, the studio has brought it back despite dark reviews.

The president himself even tweeted about the film and entertainment in Hollywood in August, saying “The Hunt” was “made in order to inflame and cause chaos. They create their own violence and then try to blame others.”

Publications including Time Magazine and Deadline have called it “not appropriate,” “a disturbance to our country,” and a “sick murder fantasy."

Those reviews fueled the new design for the movie poster, showcasing the reviews and advertising its “the most talked about movie of the year is one no one’s actually seen,” asking viewers to “decide for yourself” on its new release date March 13.

(Universal Pictures) (WKMG 2020)

The premise of the film has been described to be similar to the “Purge” movie series, a recognizable style for Jason Blum, producer of both films and the “Get Out” series.

According to the plotline, 12 strangers wake up in a clearing with no idea where they are or how they got there.

A group of elites gathers for the very first time at a remote house to hunt ordinary Americans for sport, according to the film’s synopsis. The elites’ master plan is about to be derailed because one of the hunted knows the hunters’ game better than they do.

The creators seemed excited their satirical thriller ignited a national conversation. Form your own opinions by watching the trailer below.