Is hand sanitizer or soap better for helping to prevent coronavirus?

A person washing his or her hands. (Pexels image/stock photo)

By now, many offices, schools and other buildings have educated people on the importance of washing their hands to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and have placed numerous hand sanitizer stations all around for people to use.

Both hand sanitizer and soap are helpful in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. But is one more effective than the other?

An experiment was conducted by Business Insider, comparing how clean hands get using hand sanitizer and soap.

Using a cream called Glo-Germ and a UV light, something also done by actress Kristen Bell, the publication posted pictures illustrating how hand-washing with soap is more effective.

Washing hands is usually better at removing grime that bugs can cling to and possibly feed on, according to the New York Post.

Business Insider also said there was a marked difference in the photos between a 15-second wash and a 30-second wash with soap.

Many health officials agree that hand sanitizer is good to use, especially for those who suffer from things such as asthma and emphysema, or for people who don’t have quick access to a sink or bathroom.

But if you have time to do a thorough hand-washing, that is widely thought of as the best option.

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