Is quarantine bringing back old board game memories? Test your knowledge of timeless classics

Families have rediscovered old board games to entertain themselves during pandemic

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In the midst of all the stay-at-home orders that have caused people to have too much free time, it’s a good bet that some families have blown the dust off old board games stashed away in a cabinet somewhere.

For those already into board games, it’s just been more of an opportunity to play them -- and to see who can win a best-of-seven battle in Chutes and Ladders or be the best settler in Catan.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, families are turning to board games for entertainment and some fun, both rehashing old memories and perfecting skills.

But how much do enthusiasts out there really know about board games?

Check out the quiz below to learn some fun facts and see if you can be as good at answering these questions as you are at getting all the pieces of the pie in Trivial Pursuit, or amassing triple-word scores in Scrabble.

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