This mirror will help you nail the perfect quarantine haircut

This mirror will change your life. (Style Wise.)

If you’ve given yourself a quarantine haircut, then you know for sure how difficult it is not only to reach the back of your head, but just to see it. Without a handheld mirror, you’re basically shaving your head in the dark.

Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be that way -- and there’s a mirror that you can purchase that will take away all of the stress of cutting your hair at home.

StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan has a little trick up his sleeve that will give you peace of mind, and won’t make the back of your head look ridiculous.

A tri-fold mirror, like the one Jordan features in his new StyleWise video, above, is nothing short of a miracle.

It hangs perfectly on the back of any door, and it gives you a complete look of the sides and back of your head so you know you’re not making any major mistakes with the clippers.

Even if you’re not cutting your hair, the mirror is great for styling, too.

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