Taco Bell is eliminating some of your favorite menu items

Mexican pizza on the list of eliminated items

Taco Bell is saying adios to some menu items.

The fast-food chain is eliminating Mexican pizza, pico de gallo and shredded chicken on Nov. 5.

The restaurant says the move will make room for new innovations, like a tropical iced drink and a chicken chipotle melt.

Last month, in an effort to be more efficient during the pandemic, Taco Bell got rid of several items, including the seven-layer burrito, nachos supreme and the beefy Fritos burrito.

This time around, the restaurant says it is getting rid of the Mexican pizza to make good on its eco-friendly commitment.

Diced tomatoes are replacing the pico de gallo.

TacoBell is overhauling its restaurants to focus on drive-thrus and limit human interaction because of the coronavirus.