Airline offers religious flight to nowhere

Flight not limited to Buddhists


Thai Airways plans to feature in-flight spirituality in a very different way.

The airline will fly a one-off flight dubbed the “Thai magical flying experience campaign” over some of Thailand’s holiest Buddhist religious sites and passengers will be reciting mantras along the way.

This sightseeing “flight to nowhere” will last for three hours and is scheduled to take off on Nov. 30.

The plane will leave Bangkok and travel over 99 sacred sites in Thailand.

Celebrity fortune teller and religion history expert Dr. Khata Chinbunchon will lead the in-flight chanting of Buddhist mantras.

Thai Airways said in a statement that the flight is intended to fall under the government’s plan to boost domestic tourism in the country.

Thailand, like many other places around the world, has experienced a significant decrease in tourism revenue amid the global coronavirus pandemic.