Here’s where Florida ranks among the best and worst states to drive in

WalletHub study ranks all 50 states

Line of traffic. (File photo)

People who live here may disagree, but Florida is not the best or the worst state to drive in, at least according to a recent study from WalletHub.

The study puts Florida firmly in the middle of the pack, ranking the Sunshine State at No. 27, with Texas being the best state to drive in and Hawaii being the worst.

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According to the study, Florida just edged out West Virginia in the rankings but was beat out by Arkansas.

Source: WalletHub

While Florida was solidly in the middle overall, there were some areas where Florida stood out. According to the study, the state ranks number two when it comes to most car washes per capita. The report shows Florida is fifth in the country for most auto-repair shops per capita, as well.

On the negative side, Florida is among the states with the highest percentage of rush-hour traffic congestion. The state tied with Massachusetts for the No. 45 spot, according to the report.

The researchers behind this study looked at four key dimensions to determine their rankings, examining in each state the cost of vehicle ownership and maintenance, traffic and infrastructure, driver safety, and the state’s access to vehicles and maintenance for drivers.

Each dimension was then broken down into several metrics. For instance, under ownership and maintenance, WalletHub looked at average gas prices, average annual car insurance premiums, auto-maintenance costs, and extra vehicle operating costs, such as driving on damaged roads or lost time and fuel due to traffic congestion.

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