Puerto Rican mother-daughter duo aim to empower women with their handbag line

Company’s motto is ‘Fashion with Purpose’

Mother-daughter power duo: Beatriz Martinez and Paulina (Beamina)

Paulina “Amina” Anchia was only six years old when she got her first sewing machine from her grandmother in Puerto Rico. Little did she know at the time, it would be her ticket to making a difference for other young women.

Encouraged by her mother Beatriz Martinez, Anchia created bags and clothes to sell to family and friends. Finally, the mother-daughter duo decided to follow Anchia’s dream of becoming a fashion designer and launched the brand Beamina.

Beamina's co-founders take the stage at the Latin American Fashion Summit held in Colombia (Beamina)

Beamina is a mash-up of Anchia’s nickname and Martinez’s first name-- ‘Amina’ means warrior, and the first two letters of ‘Beatriz’ represents the verb ‘to be’. That’s the true message behind Beamina’s products; ‘Fashion with Purpose’ and empowering women everywhere to have the courage to pursue their dreams.

That inspiration is shown in their bags. The original ‘Fearless Bag’ collection aimed to show there’s no limits to your dreams and potential.

In 2021, the ‘Bombón’ handbag debuted, an evolution of the original. The Beamina website says “Designed with love in Puerto Rico, every stitch is meticulously sewn within a world-class Spanish factory by experienced local artisans, who bring a refined tradition to their craft in one of the world’s leading manufacturers that supplies for international luxury brands.”

Beamina 'Bombón' bag (Beamina)

Now, they’ve just launched the ‘Zer’ handbag. The bag looks like angel wings, and the brand said it was designed and inspired by pure love, being your best self and taking on the world with confidence.

“Zer, is the epitome of fashion meets art. We wanted to create a sleek and stylish handbag that could also give ‘wings’ to a whole generation to thrive,” said Martinez. “The bag’s design speaks louder than words, Zer, which means “to be” in Spanish, is a manifesto for spiritual guidance. Its structure embodies the power of your inner “Zer”, and provides reassurance you are loved and protected by your guardian angel, who is with you at every moment of your life.”

Beamina 'Zer: Ivory Angel Wings ' bag (Beamina)

With every handbag purchase, Beamina donates a portion of proceeds to the Glasswing International Foundation. It’s a non-profit organization with the mission of empowering, aiding and educating children and young people in Latin America. They do this through education, health, community empowerment and employment and entrepreneurship programs. Beamina has partnered with Glasswing’s Youth L.E.A.D. program to help vulnerable girls in Latin America thrive.

But that’s not all Beamina does to give back.

“Paulina wanted to help girls like her, so we created our social impact program ‘Fashion with Purpose’,” said Martinez. “And for two consecutive years, partnered with the Ricky Martin Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocates for the well-being of children and provides education and solutions for international efforts to abolish child trafficking. We believe that the ultimate luxury is giving back.”

‘Fashion with Purpose’ is based on four pillars: youth, education, community and wellness. The partnership with Glasswing is part of this program, but they’ve also provided PPE to care centers and hospitals in Colombia and Puerto Rico during the pandemic, worked to provide Christmas for less fortunate children in the Dominican Republic and worked to provide resources for those affected by Hurricane Irma with A Smile for the Soul Foundation.

Kids in Colombia receive face masks donated by Beamina (Beamina)

Besides handbags, the pair also include other accessories, jewelry and specialty tees. Check out their line here.

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