This 9-year-old girl is turning her love of arts and crafts into an inspirational movement

Tori Taylor donates handmade bracelets to hospitals, nonprofits

Tori Taylor loves arts and crafts. The 9-year-old girl has boxes of markers, clay, paper and popsicle sticks.

Tori Taylor loves arts and crafts. The 9-year-old girl has boxes of markers, clay, paper and popsicle sticks.

“I like making things that are realistic, dioramas for school, stuff from clay,” Tori said, as she reached into an organization box filled with gold beads.

On this day, she’s all business.

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“I love confidence,” she said, feeding the nylon line carefully through a tiny pink bead. “Confidence is my favorite inspirational phrase because it makes you feel like you can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

The tiny white beads in her hand have letters printed on them. She arranges them to spell out the word brave.

Taylor is the founder of Sun Stori motivational bracelets and she’s donated hundreds of her handmade pieces to local hospitals, charities and nonprofits.

“Well, my name is Tori. T-O-R-I and it kind of sounds like story. And then sun because the sun brightens your day,” she smiles, when asked about the name she chose.

“These bracelets and confident words can help you do anything,” Tori said, as she organized the letters in front of her to spell the words beautiful, brave and kind.

Tiffany Taylor said her daughter has always had the desire to help others.

“She had the beads and I think that was part of her pitch,” Tiffany Taylor remembers. “She said, ‘I have everything I just need you to help me figure out where to donate.’”

That was in January. Since then, Tori has made stops at Nemours, Ronald McDonald House, Harbor House and Army of Angels, among many others.

Tiffany Taylor said after the coronavirus and the summer of social unrest, Tori felt the need to reach out to others even more.

“I think that made her double down and say, now more than ever, this is a perfect time for me to be able to spread a positive message to other people,” she said.

Tori said she hopes to inspire other children to join her and create bracelets for their communities.

If you would like to support Tori or purchase your own Sun Stori bracelet, she has an Etsy store. Proceeds go toward supplies and monetary donations to local nonprofits.

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