Orlando Science Center works with schools offering STEM-focused virtual field trips

OSC provides teachers with materials list, offer 60-minute interactive field trip

ORLANDO, Fla. – Field trips look a lot different than they used to because of the pandemic but the Orlando Science Center is continuing its mission of being a community resource, even in a time where many schools have cancelled field trips.

OSC is now offering virtual field trips. The live, STEM-focused experiences align to Florida state standards and are designed for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

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“We have two educators that are on each of these virtual field trips. One of them is going to be logged onto the computer actually helping with technology, engaging students in the chat, sharing any type of content,” said Nicole Rivera, Director of Education Initiatives for OSC.

Rivera explained that the other educator presents and interacts with the students.

So how exactly does a virtual field trip work?

Rivera says OSC works with each school’s preferred digital platform. She says OSC will provide a link and even do a tech check before the day of the field trip. Teachers are provided a materials list that includes items often found in a household, like paper and markers. Then they students each log on at the designated time for a 60-minute interactive presentation and STEM activity.

“I think it’s so important for students to be able to continue to be inspired and that’s what I hope our field trips do. They allow students to see the science they’re learning about in school. To see the math they’re learning about in school, and to see all these neat applications for it they might never have thought of,” Rivera said. “Because everyone is going through something right now. And if we can make someone’s day a little brighter by being able to engage with us virtually in one of these field trips, then that’s really the goal. For them to be able to kind of forget for that 60 minutes whatever else is going on and just really immerse themselves in this experience and just have fun learning science.”

Virtual field trip packages start at $175, which includes a 60-minute presentation for up to 32 students. Deluxe and Ultimate packages are also available. To book a virtual field trip, visit The Orlando Science Center here https://www.osc.org/learn/education/virtual-field-trips/.

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