Woman saved by Orlando officers: I'll never forget these guys

Ms. Betty went into cardiac arrest on tram at Orlando airport

ORLANDO, Fla. – A woman who was saved by police officers at Orlando International Airport when she went into cardiac arrest said Tuesday that she will "never forget these guys."

Ms. Betty was on her way to a family cruise when the officers noticed that she needed help.

"(The) only thing I remember is when I woke up at the hospital, and my husband tells me that I was talking when I was downstairs to the nurses and things. I don't remember none of that, so it's coming back slowly, I guess," Ms. Betty said.

She said she's forever grateful for the officers.

"I'm never going to forget these guys. Never," Ms. Betty said.

"(We're) ready to go home, but I'm glad I can go home with two instead of one," said Ms. Betty's husband, Anthony.

Last week, the officers discussed the rescue.

"Officer Silverman just happened to be on the tram when Betty went into medical crisis," Officer David McKinnon said.

"She started having that fixed stare, and every once in a while she would be gasping for air," Officer Jake Silverman said.

"Officer McKinnon actually grabbed the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in front of me, and he and I went out to help Officer Silverman," Sgt. Chris Becton said.

"We started with over eight minutes of CPR, and that was for chest compressions," Silverman said.

"Everybody kept saying, 'Betty stay with us, Betty stay with us,'" Becton said.

Ms. Betty was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where the officers visited her and took her a Teddy bear and an Orlando Police Department blanket.

"It's somewhat emotional," Becton said. "She really was dead when we were there. God put us in a position where she's with her family."

Ms. Betty was released from the hospital on Tuesday and will head home to New York.


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