Oasis of the Seas cruise hit with Norovirus after leaving Port Canaveral

Ship is on 7-night cruise through Caribbean


PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. – An outbreak of Norovirus struck more than 100 passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas -- one of the largest cruise ships in the world -- as it arrived in Jamaica on Wednesday.

The ship departed Port Canaveral on Sunday, News 6 partner Florida Today reported.

Passengers aboard the 18-deck vessel took to social media to talk about the illness and to report that guests were kept aboard the ship for hours after it docked at Falmouth port on the northern side of Jamaica. The ship was on a seven-night cruise through the Caribbean.

"As of today, 167 cases of gastrointestinal illness have been reported since Sunday, representing 2 percent of the nearly 9,000 guests and crew on board," said Owen Torres, a spokesman for Royal Caribbean in a statement emailed to Florida Today late Wednesday. 

The Oasis of the Seas crew has 10 hours to unload and restock the floating city with a week's worth of food and supplies. That includes 10,272 rolls of toilet paper, 7,397 pounds of cheese and 1,000 new light bulbs.

He did not immediately confirm whether a quarantine of the vessel took place. 

"Those affected by the short-lived illness are being treated by our ship’s medical team with over-the-counter medication. Meanwhile, we are bringing additional medical staff on board and we’re engaging in intensive sanitary procedures to minimize the risk of any further issues," Torres said.

Passengers complained that those on the ship were not allowed off and that guests remained on board for several hours before finally leaving for the next destination, Cozumel.  

“We’re docked at Falmouth Jamaica. Level 3 Norovirus outbreak. 100+ passengers and a crew member sick. Canceled shore excursion. Waiting to see if Jamaican authorities let us off the ship,” tweeted Alan Thomas, a passenger who also wrote that Royal Caribbean was offering one day of cruise credit.

Norovirus symptoms include diarrhea and nausea. The ship's crew and medical staff was engaging in an intensive sanitary sweep of the 1,187-foot long vessel. The Oasis is expected to return to Brevard Jan. 13. 

The ship is currently based at Port Canaveral but was expected to begin sailing out of the Bayonne, New Jersey in May.