Family who blames vaping for son’s death says health officials will investigate

28-year-old Kyle Boyd dies of ‘vaping pneumonia,’ family says

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Following the death of 28-year-old Kyle Boyd last weekend, government agencies are lining up to investigate his death, according to Boyd’s family.

News 6 first reported on Tuesday that a sample of Boyd’s lung had been sent to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for further testing.

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His family says both the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration and the Food and Drug Administration have also recently reached out to investigate Boyd’s death and have since collected Boyd’s used Vuse vaping cartridges.

“[The FDA has asked for] what materials he was using,” Donald Boyd, Kyle’s father, said. “They actually gathered up his materials and [plan] to test them.”

Donald Boyd spoke to News 6 just one hour before his son’s funeral, reaffirming the family’s passion to make sure this never happens to anyone else.

"I think we've seen the message is getting to people from Boston to Los Angeles," he said.

A report from the medical examiner’s office detailed how hospital staff members believe vaping likely contributed to Boyd’s death. His toxicology results came back negative.

"He didn't wake up," Donald Boyd said. "He didn't even know what hit him. We certainly need to come up with a way to make [vaping] safer."

Deaths and illnesses believed to be linked to vaping aren’t just happening in Central Florida. Boyd’s death is among 47 confirmed deaths tied to vaping across 25 states, according to the CDC.

The FDA announced two days ago that it has received more than 1,100 samples as part of its investigation into vaping-related illnesses and deaths.

"Our family, our friends are going to the hospital with acute chemical pneumonia and this product is damaging their lungs," Donald Boyd said.

While Boyd’s lungs were destroyed, his family said they’ve learned several of his organs, including his heart, liver, kidneys and eyes, were transplanted successfully.

"His passion was helping people, saving people from addiction and crisis," Donald Boyd said. "He's going to continue to live and walk on this earth within those people."

Since Tuesday, News 6 has reached out several times to request a comment from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the company that makes Vuse e-cigarettes, but has not heard back.

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