Feeling tense? With beer drinking and cursing, rage yoga can help

Practice brings incredible joy afterward, instructor says

By Dawn Jorgenson - Graham Media Group

📸Photo credit: Heather Robinson.

You know how sometimes when something is getting to you, you just want to scream and cuss?

Rage yoga could be the new best way to do it.

Instructor Ashley Duzich says it will get you "zen as f---" and bring you incredible joy afterward.

The practice involves relieving stress through mudras, promoting enlightenment and clarity, and relieving tension and anxiety -- all by doing yoga while drinking and cursing.

Well, I'll be damned if that doesn't sound like quite the treat.

Duzich teaches the class in Houston, and she's only one of three instructors in the world. She said she stumbled on rage yoga through a Google search as she was going through a low point. Her regular yoga practice of 10 years was not serving her the way she needed.

"I absolutely loved it. This is something that needs to be out there," she said after learning of it.

She became so passionate about it that she flew to Calgary, Alberta, to meet with the woman who invented it, Lindsay Istace, and to train so that she could teach it, too.

Duzich said she's heard people yell all kinds of things in her classes, from cussing out the person who cut them off in traffic to speaking -- er, yelling -- their mind to their boss.

"I told you to do the dishes!"

"F--- the patriarchy!"

📸Photo credit: David Tong.

Duzich, who has a background in teaching yoga at mental health hospitals, said rage yoga is a good way to let go of things you're bottling up. Instead of exploding at someone you care about, yell it out while practicing yoga and drinking beer. It's simply another tool to help us.

She said she is very conscious of people who suffer from alcoholism and makes it a point to talk to each person separately.

"I try to be very cognizant that not everybody drinks," she said. "If you want, you can go have a beer ... or water."

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The only class being offered in the country at the moment is Duzich's class in Houston at Brash Brewery -- a heavy metal brewery that promotes big, in-your-face beers.

Duzich practices rage yoga when she teaches it and when she needs it.

"I use it as a tool in my many tools of yoga, so when I need it, it's there for me," she said.

She wants to give the tool to others -- as many others as she can.

"I want to get as many people certified in the country as possible. I cannot do this alone."

Duzich said she and Istace are scouting places right now in hopes of planning a rage yoga certification in May.

What do you think about rage yoga? Would you like to see it practiced near you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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