Mailer attacks Osceola County candidate's nudist lifestyle

Jeffery Goldmacher says electioneering group wrongly calls him an 'atheist'

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – An Osceola County Commission candidate is on the defensive after he says a mailer went out attacking him and labeling him as an atheist and a nudist.

Jeffery Goldmacher is one of three Republicans running for the District 3 commission seat and he's blasting the group behind the mailer, which shows a naked man swimming in a pool and calls him a disgrace to the Republican Party.

Goldmacher told Local 6 he lives in Kissimmee's Cypress Cove clothing-optional resort, but says it's not a colony.

"Only ants and lepers live in colonies it's a very high-class family oriented resort," Goldmacher told Local 6.

He also told Local 6 that calling him an atheist is a lie, because he's Jewish. He doesn't think either fact should be used against him in a race he says should be about issues.

"To be that low that they feel they have to go this route. Just try to win an election it's only county commission seat- not president of United States," said Goldmacher.

The mailer is signed by a Brevard County electioneering group called "With Women We Will Win." According to state records, the group is run by Deanna Murray.

Local 6 reached out to Murray but has not received a response.

Local 6 also spoke to Goldmacher's opponent, Tony Ferentinos who says he doesn't support the negative campaigning.

"Everybody likes to point the finger at me but they got the wrong guy," Ferentinos said.

Goldmacher said he's working on a defamation suit against the electioneering group with a lawyer.

Goldmacher says he's been getting mainly positive feedback after the mailer went out, but he does worry it could turn off voters before Tuesday's Republican primary.