Office company advertises 'Penny a Print' campaign in unique way

Penny billboard campaign profits to be donated to charity


WINTER PARK, Fla. – You may notice something a little different in the sea of typical billboards the next time you drive up I-4 near Orlando.

Just before the Lee Road exit in the eastbound lanes, you'll find find a billboard made entirely of pennies.

Zeno Office Solutions is advertising its "Penny a Print" campaign with a 48-foot billboard featuring more than 120,000 pennies.  Each coin was hand polished and individually glued to 12 panels.

Mary Lou Nethers says she likes the billboard, but says, "It might be a distraction to me because I'm very distracted by sparkly things."

Representatives from Tampa-based Schifino Lee Advertising tell Local 6 the billboard will stay in Central Florida for six months but will rotate to two other locations. 

After the Penny a Print campaign is over, the money will be donated to a yet-to-be-determined charity.

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