From the archives: Orange County Sheriff's Office cracking down on those not using seat belt

Deputies set up 2 posts in Orlando, cite more than 200 drivers Monday

ORLANDO, Fla. – Buckle up or pay up.

That's the message coming from the Orange County Sheriff's Office, which began a campaign Monday to crackdown on drivers who fail to wear a seat belt or properly restrain their children.

The "Click It or Ticket" program begins a weeks-long period where deputies will enforce these kinds of traffic violations with extra care.

Monday deputies set up two posts in Orlando, citing more than 200 drivers between the morning and afternoon blitzes.

Drivers who don't wear their seat belts are subject to a $114 fine, while not keeping children safely in car seats is even more expensive at $164. That offense also subjects drivers to three points on their licenses.

Deputies said despite "Click It or Ticket" programs running nationwide, one in five Americans choose not to wear a seat belt while behind the wheel. They said they've seen too many people killed in accidents they could have walked away from had they been wearing seat belts.