Controversy sparked over alleged Minecraft convention in Central Florida

Parents tell Local 6 'Meeting of Mines' convention was not what was advertised

ORLANDO, Fla. – Central Florida parents tell Local 6 what was advertised as a big video game convention for kids turned out to be a scam.

Advertisements for the Minecraft convention 'Meeting of the Mines,' which was held at Mela Room on Orange Blossom Trail, promised costume contests and PlayStation giveaways. But when attendees arrived, they tell Local 6 it was a far cry from what was advertised with a lack of decorations and disorganization.

"He was just devastated. He was super upset. I felt so bad for him," said parent Julie Holder, who bought tickets for her 10-year-old son. "I do think it was a scam from the start, and I think that these people, they're criminals. And they need to be prosecuted for this."

Parents went to Facebook, creating a page calling Meeting of the Mines a rip-off and posting pictures.

Alicia Cates told Local 6 her group spent hundreds of dollars on tickets and felt deceived.

"The parents their hearts were breaking," Cates said. "They tried their best but they were very disappointing."

In video taken by an attendee, the crowd becomes upset and the master of ceremony said everyone would be offered a refund by the promoter.

Tickets cost $50 a piece and no refunds have been given, attendees tell Local 6.

One vendor hired to be a model for the event said she was not paid. Another, who was hired to do face painting told Local 6 he was paid on Monday.

Local 6 reached out to the alleged organizers of the event, but didn't receive a response.

Managers of the Mela Room said they rented the space to the convention and weren't involved with the event.

Since Local 6's first story, organizers of the event posted an apology to the Meeting of the Mines website saying that the event was not a scam.

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