Smart mannequins connect with shoppers


A mannequin manufacturer in England is using new technology to bring mannequins to life -- they're smart mannequins.

The London-based company Iconeme said the mannequins have sensors that link to smartphone apps, allowing customers to shop right on the sidewalk.

"You open the app, and up pops all of the mannequins that are in the window," said Iconeme co-founded Jonathan Berlin. "You can see more detailed products with prices, you can share with your friends, you can buy directly from the website."

Berlin said the smartphone app especially appeals to people who don't like the hard-sell approach from salespeople.

He said one of the other perks is the smart mannequins work after-hours, so if you happen to be walking by a shop at night and like something the mannequin is wearing, you can still connect and buy it on the spot if you wish.

The app works both ways-- retailers will potentially be able to access your location, gender, age, even true clothing size, depending on the privacy settings you choose in the app.

Iconeme, as well as another London-based firm, said they expect to roll out similar technology in stores in the United States this fall

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