Theme park experts speculate new Toy Story Land following movie announcement

'Toy Story 4' expected to come out in 2017

(Todd Baxter/CNN)

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Central Florida's largest employer, Disney, has a lot of reason to celebrate. It just posted record profits and its parks have never been more popular. This comes with a surprise announcement -- a new "Toy Story" movie.

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The toys are returning to theaters again so what does this mean for Hollywood Studios and its Toy Story ride? Theme park experts said it could be expanding.

"I like the third one, oh man, probably the best in world," said 15-year-old Brandon Baldeon.

"Think about it, everyone goes to sleep, all the characters come alive, it's the best," "Toy Story" fan Steve Ramsankar told Local 6.

"You know the purple bear, that bear, I think it's going to like, progress, and he is going to come back and try haunting them," said Baldeon.

As Baldeon speculates about what exactly could happen in the fourth film, theme park experts are hearing chatter this could mean a Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. Recently, director John Lasseter was spotted there.

"He was recently at Hollywood Studios along with very high-level executives looking around the area, looking around Toy Story Mania, which usually has the longest wait in that whole park," said Local 6 Theme Park Expert Ken Pilcher.

Disney has closed several attractions next to Toy Story Mania, and in Hong Kong and Paris there is already a Toy Story Playland.

The movie surprise comes as the parks announced record attendance this summer.

"If a fourth one comes out there's going to be more creations created so we'll see what happens," said Baldeon.

Disney could thank Elsa and Anna for that record summer. As of Thursday night, the "Frozen" characters began lighting Cinderella Castle through the holidays.

"Toy Story 4" will come out in 2017.