Grandson charged in New Smyrna Beach woman's death

Man's grandmother found dead inside her home, investigators say


NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. – The grandson of a woman who was found dead inside of her home has been charged with murder and is being held on no bond.

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Darlene Robertson, 64, was found unresponsive inside of her home on DeSoto Drive by her family Wednesday morning, according to New Smyrna Beach police.

Patrick Campbell, 27, Robertson's grandson and the person of interest in her death, surrendered himself to agents Thursday afternoon after a nearly 24 hour search.

At 11:35 a.m. Thursday the FBI called New Smyrna Beach police to say Campbell wanted to speak to a federal agent about a murder, police said. Multiple agencies arrived to the scene and made contact with Campbell.

Campbell spoke with State Attorney's Office Homicide Investigative Unit and confessed to Robertson's murder. The New Smyrna Beach Police Investigation Division charged Campbell with her murder.

Daytona Beach police arrested Campbell for grand theft in reference to Robertson's 2006 Nissan Altima. Police said Robertson's car was recovered and towed to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office evidence compound.

Campbell turned himself into the FBI after asking his former attorney, Catherine Dees, for help.

"He had some explanation that he wanted to give the federal agency and that he did not think the state agency would be able to help," said Dees.

Dees said he showed up quiet and looked different than his mugshot. He didn't mention anything to Dees about his grandmother's murder. She also believes he's potentially paranoid schizophrenic.

"I don't think he knew. I don't think he knew why he was here," said Dees.

Family members told Local 6 that Campbell is diagnosed with schizophrenia. A judge granted motion for a mental health evaluation Friday.

Campbell spoke out several times during his first appearance. First, he stated he didn't need representation because he believed Drees would be by his side.

"No, sir. I don't need a public defender," Campbell said.
"Just to let you know, I talked to Ms. Drees. She's not going to come out to represent you on this charge," said public defender Mike Phillips.

Campbell also had something to say when the judge asked for his name.

"You are Patrick Campbell?" the judge asked.
"Um, sir. Actually, I'm a United States agent," Campbell said. "Um, I have pleaded a sanctioned target. I have a sanction in hand for the matter at hand. I believe you..."
"Let's take it one step at a time," the judge said. "Are you Mr. Campbell? Is that your name?"
"Uh, it's not my true name, sir. It's a name I go by, sir," said Campbell.

Campbell has been charged with first-degree premeditated murder and grand theft of a vehicle. He was given no bond for the murder charge and $15,000 for the grand theft charge.

Family members of Campbell declined to comment to Local 6 News.

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