Rumors on Melbourne Beach Powerball jackpot winner spread

Residents share the gossip they've heard about the winner

MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. – The Powerball jackpot winner who bought their ticket from a Publix in Melbourne Beach hasn't come forward yet, but residents are sharing their theories as to who the new multi-millionaire could be.

The talk around the bar at Jake's Crab Shack: Who is the lucky Powerball jackpot winner?

"We heard two rumors that two employees from Publix and then we heard it was a Melbourne Beach resident," resident Cindy Early said.

"I've heard it's three different ladies. I don't know the relationship," resident Scott Kramer said.

The theories are spreading across the tiny beach community.

"I'm hearing that a woman won it, then I'm hearing a woman who won it is getting a divorce next week and I'm hearing she's got two little kids," Phil DeAngelo, the owner of Jake's Crab Shack said.

The gossip doesn't stop inside Amy's Beachside Salon.

"Everybody's wanting to know who it is and wondering if it's somebody you know or your neighbor," Amy Grosjean, the salon owner said.

In a town of about 3,000, that is a possibility.

"To be here in a little town knowing that somebody won here is kind of neat, it's kind of exciting," stylist Cheryl Wouralis said.

The winning ticket was sold at the Publix on State Road A1A, fueling the rumor employees at the supermarket could be the big winners.

"A gentleman running down the [aisle], I don't know if he was corporate or a manager, saying that he hear it was one of the workers at the Publix, but she said she couldn't confirm or deny it," Wouralis said.

Until the winner steps forward, the rumor mill will keep sharing its theories.

"We'll find out soon who the winner is," DeAngelo said.

According to lottery officials, the winner has up to 180 days to claim the $528 million or 60 days to take home the lump cash prize of $326 million.

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