Rescued bald eagle recovering at Audubon Center

Center is hopeful it will fly again

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A bald eagle found injured and severely underweight in Seminole County last month is recovering at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. Officials say it could be a few more weeks until they find out if he can fly again.

"One of the biggest concerns when he came in was that he was emaciated, but he's been eating on his own, gaining weight," Samantha Little, a raptor veterinarian technician at the Audubon Center said.

Another concern is the bird's injured wing. Little says the bald eagle broke a bone that is essential for flying.

"It's a really bad fracture, so we just need to take extra time and make sure that it's healing properly," she said.

Little wrapped the wing so it can heal. She uses an X-ray machine to check the progress every few days.

"It's still healing, but it's at least in the right spot," Little said.

The tech said the bald eagle will spend at least another week in the hospital before they remove the wrap and let him start stretching his wings. As for flying again, Little said right now that is up in the air.

"I've seen fractures like that worse and have birds fly, so it's pretty hopeful that he'll be able to be released," she said.

Little said it could be another month until they find out if he can fly. Until then, she said he is going to get the best care and they won't release him until he is completely healed.

The Audubon Center said if the eagle cannot fly and it is not able to release it back into the wild, they'll  find him a new home.

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