Florida man will attempt to travel to Bermuda by bubble

Reza Baluchi hopes to spread message of peace with his journey

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – He's got a dream of spreading peace, and traveling the ocean in a giant bubble.

Wednesday marked Reza Baluchi's second attempt at making an aquatic voyage from South Florida to the Bermuda Triangle using his "hydro pod," a plastic container that allows him to run on water like a hamster in a giant Ferris wheel.

"I am excited," Baluchi said. "I have been two year(s) wait(ing) for this moment."

In October 2014, the Iranian-born endurance athlete from Pompano Beach embarked on his maiden voyage. But nearly 70 miles off of St. Augustine, he said his GPS had fallen into the ocean. The U.S. Coast Guard began monitoring his movements and eventually rescued him from the sea. Officials said Baluchi was disoriented.

"They burst my bubble, and now I put (a) sign up: 'Please don't burst my bubble,'" he said.

If the new-and-improved bubble Baluchi has been perfecting doesn't burst, he plans to trace the Bermuda Triangle, visiting Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Haiti and Cuba. He said he is stocked with protein bars, water and water purifiers.

Baluchi also said he has been jumping rope in a sauna and running 20 miles a day to prepare.

On Wednesday afternoon, in front of a crowd of sunbathers on Pompano Beach, Baluchi got into his bubble to begin his journey again. He said he appreciated the concern from the Coast Guard the last time around, but hopes no one interferes with this latest mission.

"Yes," Baluchi said. "Leave me alone. Leave me alone."