Brevard Zoo releases rehabbed green sea turtles at Melbourne Beach

Chomp! and Herbert were covered in barnacles, suffered from debilitation

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Brevard Zoo released green sea turtles "Chomp!" and "Herbert" into the wild at Melbourne Beach on Friday afternoon.

The duo suffered from debilitation and were covered in barnacles before being rehabilitated at the zoos' Sea Turtle Healing Center.

Chomp! was admitted in July 2015 after being found on the beach at Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, officials said.

Herbert was admitted in December 2015 after third-grade teacher Margaret Boyer found him at Port Canaveral. 
"We fished him out with a net," said Boyer.  "He was a grayish color. He was very lethargic."

Boyer's class at Sculptor Charter School in Titusville followed Herbert's recovery and created a banner and "get well" cards for the turtles.

Friday, Boyer saw Herbert again for the first time since rescuing him.

"He looks totally different," said Boyer.  "Now, he's that beautiful green, has the cream colors to him. And he was active and ready to go.  Today, just was icing on the cake."

The Brevard Zoo says after months of rehabilitation, getting their weight up, cleaning their shells, this is the healthiest the turtles have been in several months, possibly years.

"They are fat and happy. They are swimming like they should be, very active in their tanks," said Melanie Stadler with the Brevard Zoo Sea Turtle Healing Center.

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