Mom accused of murder changes mind on bond hearing for 2nd time

Rachel Fryer faces murder charges after 2-year-old found dead in 2014

The mother accused of abusing her 2-year-old daughter to death changed her mind on having a bond hearing for the second time, postponing the case again.

Rachel Fryer is facing several charges including murder after her daughter, Tajiri Gordon, was found in a suitcase, buried in a grave in Putnam County back in 2014.

News 6 spoke with the Penny Jones, the former foster mom who adopted Fryer's other three children outside of court today.

"It's like an emotional roller coaster," Jones said. "Realistically we have no closure as a family until the trial is over, the children keep having to get prepared to testify as we are told we are going to trial and then another motion comes about."

The defense brought up several motions in court on Thursday. One of them asking the judge to stop the state from seeking the death penalty in this case. Right now, the constitutionality of the death penalty is being questioned at the Supreme Court.

"It's just a lot of politics and I wish we would just have closure; I wish we could put this case to rest," Jones said.

Jones wasn't surprised Fryer pulled out of her second bond hearing.

"I feel like it's a ploy," she said. "I've known Rachel for a long time about five years now spent a lot of time with her and I view her as as the ultimate puppet  master, she's used to getting her own way and and she is going to fight to the very end whatever that might be."

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